National Give Something Away Day

by Benjamin Ohene

July 15th is recognized as National Give Something Away Day. The day was created to provide individuals and communities with the opportunity to share their plentiful blessings with others without expectations or limitations.

The majority of us are blessed to have more than what is necessary to live, but some are lacking supplies and items that the average person may not even think about: a fridge that contains food, a bed to lay on, clean water to drink, a smile to share.

Whether you choose to buy coffee for someone who is serving your community, donate clothing to someone less fortunate, or give flowers to someone to brighten their day and let them know that you care, giving something away will have a positive impact on you, the recipient of your gift and your community as a whole. No gift is too small.


Consider cleaning out your storage space or garage and making a donation to a shelter. Consider making a donation to a local food pantry. Consider providing somebody with a bottle of water on a hot day. The act of giving is selfless and invites positive energy to flow.

Share this day with family and friends and encourage others to join in on the great cause. We all deserve to live our best lives without having to fear whether or not we have enough to last us for a day.