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Christians Vote For LGBTQI Justice

by Alison Amyx

Yesterday, we launched a #ChristiansVote campaign to transform the narrative about Christian voters. Join us to proclaim loud and clear that we are Christians called to justice! 

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About two years ago, I got a message on Facebook from my cousin in Tennessee. I had never talked with him directly about my queer identity, so I was moved to tears when he shared my blog about coming out on his Facebook page.

When I thanked him, he said: “Hope you didn’t care that I shared your blog, it just touched my heart. And maybe it will free others to take the steps they wanna take in life without the fear that comes with being open and to forget what others think about them. I’m here for ya Alison and I’m proud of you cuz.”

My cousin is one of many conservative Christian family members who have surprised me with heartfelt affirmation for my queer identity. I was incredibly moved by his message of support. As time has passed, we’ve talked more about the issues impacting my life as a queer person. He has told me that he believes gay people have secured all the protections we need. He also believes that our community has enough political power to keep these protections no matter the outcome of this upcoming election.

As it turns out, the place where we disagree is this: I just don’t believe that LGBTQI people have that kind of security. In the past two years, it’s become increasingly clear to me that many people believe LGBTQI people can have protections as long as non-affirming Christians do not have to abide by them. Similarly, I know many people believe they should be able to treat Muslims, women, and people of color differently based on their own personal religious beliefs and moral convictions.

Though we disagree, I know my cousin loves me no matter what, because he reached out to let me know. And as a Christian, I know my faith values call me to love my neighbor in the same way—no matter what they look like, where they’re from, what language they speak, or whom they love.

ADD YOUR NAME: This Christian Votes for Justice

As an LGBTQI Christian, I believe I am called to share the good news of God’s expansive love with others, including LGBTQI people and anyone who feels ostracized, bullied, or marginalized.

That’s why, when I vote, I’m taking my core faith values with me into the voting both—values of affirmation and inclusion, of justice and love.

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Today’s Action
The Religious Right is running a “Christians Vote” campaign to mobilize voters who share their harmful values. Join us to make it clear that we are Christians called to justice—and we vote!

Here’s How:

1.   ADD YOUR NAME to our newest campaign: “This Christian Votes for Justice!

2.   Use the #ChristiansVote hashtag to plug into our conversation!

God, In your wisdom you call us into communion with you and with one another—over and over again.
In the eyes, voices, stories and experiences of one another we come to understand our common and unique needs for justice. We affirm our LGBTQ family, friends and all of your children out of the abundance of your love and grace. 
Draw us into a deeper commitment to seek the beloved community here on earth. 
Source of our strength, invigorate us afresh now and in the days ahead. 
We lift this prayer in faith, Amen.

Rev. Cedric A. Harmon
Executive Director, Many Voices

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