The Reformation Project Hosts Atlanta Event To “Elevate The Dialogue”

by Alison Amyx

Too often, conversations about LGBT people in the church descend into bitter debates that divide rather than build up.

Consequently, many Christians are wary of engaging the conversation, for fear of being seen as hateful or intolerant if they oppose same-sex relationships, or of having their faith in Jesus and the Bible called into question if they support same-sex relationships.

The Reformation Project firmly believes that it is possible to have better, more loving, and more Christ-like conversations about LGBT inclusion in the church that acknowledge the diversity of viewpoints that exist while also respecting and honoring one another as committed Christians regardless of our views on this topic.

We are excited to announce a special event on August 9 in Atlanta, called “Elevating the Dialogue on LGBT Inclusion in the Church.” Hosted at Renovation Church, this panel conversation will feature the Rev. Léonce Crump, Jr., senior pastor at Renovation Church; the Rev. Ashley Matthews, Eastside parish pastor at Trinity Anglican Church; and the Rev. Stan Mitchell, senior pastor at GracePointe Church. The panel will be moderated by Amelia Markham, the Atlanta organizer for The Reformation Project. While these pastors have different theological views on same-sex relationships, they are all committed to mutual grace, respect, and love as they model a better way forward for these conversations in the church.

It’s time to elevate the dialogue on LGBT inclusion in the church. Join us on August 9 at Renovation Church as we engage this important conversation.

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