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What does “go and make disciples of all nations” really mean?

by John Robinson

Arriving at World Youth Day has been an exciting experience but also one that is mixed with many other emotions from “OMG” to “eek” to “what are we getting into” to “wow this is really happening!”

I then realize that the call to make disciples is not only one of evangelizing others but is also a process of self-discovery—of self disciple-making.   Many within our pilgrimage group have shared that seeing the spirit-filled zealousness of our fellow high school and college age pilgrims has inspired us to connect and reconnect, kindle and rekindle aspects of our catholic faith that we have forgotten. Even when we don’t fully understand what they are saying, the youth here embody an energized faith that is infectious and has challenged me to recapture the zealousness I once had when I was their age—to remember and re-member the spirit that has kept me catholic and Catholic.

At the airport, on the plane, during the taxi ride to our hostel, within breather our intrepid group of queer pilgrims took this afternoon, to seeing the diverse groups of people with various incarnations of WYD insignia…I have been wrestling with this biblical call to live a prophetic life of “fishing” and of disciple-making.   Part of me beats myself up for not embracing this commitment and evangelizing to all those I’ve met thus far during my travels; why didn’t I hand the priest sitting next to me on the flight a rainbow rosary…why didn’t I join the youth group in the terminal singing songs and whose excitant about WYD is truly palpable…what keeps me from living into the disciple-making moment?  Fear, laziness, doubt in myself, anger?

(Photos: Me, Delfin, making plans for the upcoming days; Lots of love from supporters, waiting to be shared; Our hosts are very supportive of our mission here

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