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Don Sylvia

Your aptitude (gift?) for writing is wonderful and I so appreciate having accidentally stumbled upon “Believe Out Loud” and your blog today. I’m older than you and it’s as if you wrote my life story. It resonated very strongly. You’ve made another connection here. Your partner is, obviously, a very lucky man. I just wanted to ay “Hi” and “Thank You”. Don

Michael Oster

Had a similar experience as a
Had a similar experience as a teen at a bowling alley. I was with friends and next to us was a group of teens a couple of years our seniors. I glanced over at one of the girls as she mad e a strike. Her muscle bound boyfriend came over and asked me why I looked at his girlfriend and then pumched me in the temple so hard it brought tears to my eyes, not because I cried, but because it knocked me nearly senseless. The irony is that I was/am gay and was only looking at her becuase of the strike. I privately thought what a moron.

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