Top 10 Reflections On Coming Out & Christianity

by Alison Amyx

For the second year in a row, we are honoring National Coming Out Day with this Top Ten list of our favorite blogs on Coming Out & Christianity!

No matter how you choose to celebrate this year, we hope these reflections bring you joy and comfort as we consider the spiritual significance of our aspirations to live our lives openly, honestly, and without fear.

  1. I Am A Black Gay Christian—And I Know God Loves Me
    by Ronald Moore—President, LGBT Faith Leaders of African Descent
  2. Being Gay In A Bible Belt Congregation
    by Heather Bradley—Blogger
  3. 5 Messages Of Hope For Bisexual Christians
    by Angélique Gravely—Leadership Officer, OneEastern
  4. Silencing The Metronome: Living My Truth As A Trans Woman
    by Rachel Clark—Executive Producer, TRANSit
  5. Gay Christian Mingle: A Story Of LGBT Second Adolescence
    by Amelia Markham—Director of Outreach, Planting Peace
  6. I Was Kicked Out Of My Church For Being Gay—And God Still Loves Me
    by Den Barnes—MFA Student
  7. Silent No More: Denouncing “Christian” Voices Of Hate
    by Marie Alford-Harkey—Deputy Director, Religious Institute
  8. Sin vs. Shame—How I Learned To Let Myself Be Loved
    by Austen Hartke—Queer Blogger and Theologian
  9. Christianity Made Me Bisexual
    by Laura Berol—Writer
  10. Christmas In The Closet
    by Candice Czubernat—Founder, The Christian Closet

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Photo via flickr user Ben Ostrowsky