The Lord’s Prayer For Transgender Awareness

by Rev . Kim Sorrells

This week is Transgender Awareness week, a week when we turn our attention to understanding the experiences and needs of the transgender community. It’s also a week that concludes with the Transgender Day of Remembrance this Sunday, on Nov. 20th.

As people of faith, we need to educate ourselves this week on how we can be advocates for trans communities.

And, we also need to hold sacred space—to pray, to hope, to grieve. Often people have asked me where to start, or how to hold a vigil, or what to say.

As Christian, I am reminded of how it is that Jesus taught his disciples to pray when they asked him for guidance. It’s a simple way, and it is a way that many have re-visited and re-worded for various people and occasions.

I have written this version of the Lord’s Prayer for those who might want to follow this simple way of praying for their transgender brothers, sisters, and siblings. Perhaps your community can use it this week in worship, or in TDOR services, or any other occasion to hold the transgender community in prayer. Perhaps you can use it in your own individual prayer time this week as you think through how it is that you can be an ally to transgender people during this week and beyond.

And so, friends, I invite you to pray with me, in the manner that Christ taught us…

The Lord’s Prayer For Transgender Awareness

Our mother and Father, our beloved parent, in whom we move and breathe and have our being,

The hallowing of your name shines forth in the diversity of your children.

May your peace and love, justice and equality, inclusion and belonging reign here on earth as in heaven.

Grant that our transgender loved ones might have their daily needs met—that they might find gainful employment without discrimination; that they might have access to medical care without fear; that they might have their rights and lives protected, and that they might find a loving community to belong to and call their own.

Forgive us for the ways that we have fallen short and failed your transgender children. Forgive us of the times we turned away, or did not care; for the times we laughed or judged their unique expression of your image; for the times we have misspoken, asked too much, or failed to hear

As we forgive those who might have failed us.

Lead us away from the temptation to be complacent in the face of injustice. But instead give us courage to stand up and stand with your beloved children. For your love and justice is to be made manifest now and forever.


This prayer was originally written for Central Congregational UCC (Atlanta, GA) Pride Sunday worship Services on October 9, 2016

Photo via flickr user Amy Dianna

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Scott Amundsen

A prayer we need to say every
A prayer we need to say every day.

Rev. Claire Beutler-Cruise

Thank you so much for this
Thank you so much for this beautiful prayer! It gives me much to think about, and reminds me of the ways I’ve fallen short–and continue to fall short–in relationship with my transgender siblings of Godde.

Ed Rowe


Ed Rowe


Rev. Dr. Shane Andersen DD (Hon)

Founder of MCC Brisbane
Founder of MCC Brisbane (Queensland, Australia in 1974) Love and support your ministry, as do I. Such a beautifully worded Lord Prayer variation:”The Lord’s Prayer For Transgender Awareness” Many blessings and joyous Advent. Shane

Heather May

Thank you for this. Beautiful
Thank you for this. Beautiful!

Stephan Gerhardt

Thank You. This is beautiful!
Thank You. This is beautiful!

Michelle Mathis

I cannot begin to express how
I cannot begin to express how much this means to me. As a minister and a trans-ally, I view this as a powerful spiritual message. Thank you for being obedient to Spirit and penning this beautiful prayer. We will be using it at our TDOR event tomorrow night in Hickory, NC. God bless!

Robin Shwedo

I absolutely love this!
I absolutely love this! Thank you…

Leslie Merrick

Touched my heart as I prayed
Touched my heart as I prayed it.

Sr. Tanya Duval

This is inspIring. As a
This is inspIring. As a transgender sister in the Franciscan tradition in the Old Catholic Church, this prayer is inspiring to me as I serve not only the needy and homeless but transgender and other LGBQI children in schools via the GSA faction. Thank you and God bless you.

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