Thank You For Believing With Us!

by Alison Amyx

Thank you for donating, sharing our Give OUT Day page, and spreading the good news of our important work!!

Because of you, we raised over $800 to grow our network of LGBTQIA Christians and allies boldly proclaiming that all people are worthy of God’s love!

Most importantly, because of you, Believe Out Loud has grown into a big, beautiful community of LGBTQIA Christians and allies supporting one another through discouraging moments and celebrating our community’s progress as we put flesh on our faith’s ideals!

Last week, long-time Believe Out Loud community member and media consultant Ann Craig shared this reflection about the growth of our network:

“I remember the excitement of the first planning meeting for Believe Out Loud as both the digital world and hope for equality in the faith world were exploding. We dreamed big and we hit it big. By now, Believe Out Loud has touched the lives of millions of readers. With smart technology and proactive movement work, Believe Out Loud makes believers out of all of us!”

Thank you for dreaming and believing with us!

In faith,

Reese, Chrissy, Keisha, and Alison
The Believe Out Loud Team