South Dakota Governor Prevents Anti-Trans Bill From Becoming Law

by James Rowe

Yesterday evening, South Dakota Governor Daugaard vetoed HB 1008.

With his veto, Governor Daugaard stopped HB 1008 from becoming the worst anti-transgender bill on the books in any state.

Governor Daugaard’s veto proves that when elected officials stop listening to scare tactics and instead sit down and talk with transgender people—hearts and minds will change.

As LGBTQ Christians and allies, we stood with trans and gender nonconforming students in South Dakota last week by sending 1,062 petition signatures from Christians directly to Governor Daugaard’s desk demanding that he veto this harmful bill.

After our book of signatures was delivered, we received feedback from lawmakers about the power of LGBTQI-affirming Christian voices in these critical legislative moments. This is why we will continue to rally the Believe Out Loud community to combat more than 150 anti-LGBTQI bills proposed in 39 states across the country.

Specifically, 79 of these proposed bills misuse religion to legalize harm against LGBTQI people.

Join us in this work by making a donation in honor of the 1,062 Christians who stood with trans and gender nonconforming students in South Dakota!

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Photo via flickr user J. Stephen Conn