Rev. David Weekley Honored By GLBT Hall Of Fame

by Sean A. Watkins

Congratulations to Rev. David Weekley for being one of the six recent inductees into the GLBT Hall of Fame. Weekley has been an ordained elder in The United Methodist Church since 1984 and quietly served his congregations for twenty-eight years before sharing his story and spiritual journey as a transgender man with his congregation, denomination, and the world. Rev. Weekley is the author of In From the Wilderness: Sherman, (She-r-Man) (2011), which is both his personal story, faith journey, and reflection on the official position of several denominations in relation to the LGTBQ community.

Celebrating ten years, the GLBT Hall Of Fame held induction for the Class of 2013 on January 27, 2014. The entire induction program is available on the websites of GLBT Hall of Fame and Rainbow World Radio.

Congratulations to the Inductees of the Class of 2013.

John Corvino for: Leadership by educating and increasing awareness of actual standards and personal accomplishment of and for community; Injecting a humor and open invitation for dialogue into the topics of equality.

Orlando Cruz for; Leadership and as a role model in taking a stand in a new field at a time in his personal career when that could have been disadvantageous. Putting his values in who he is publicly, Orlando has been a direct influence on younger athletes asking themselves sexuality questions. In doing so, he has established a standard for him self and others to follow.

Lambda Literary Foundation for: Consistent and exemplary service to the arts and community as well as the positive representation and promotion of GLBT Literature and the arts.

Tom Murray for: His works in films spreading an awareness of real GLBT community identifications in a real world. Addressing homophobia, prosecution, stereotypes, and real identifiable heroes in every day people.

Marlee Walchuk & Nathalie Callender for: The creation of RightOutTV, and in doing so, creating and maintaining the excellent resources they have opened for the GLBT art community and community as a whole.

Rev. David Weekley for: Leadership and as a role model in his personal standards and achievements. Creating a positive awareness and understanding of not only the Transgender community but also the religious community within the GLBT community.

Our mission at the GLBT Hall Of Fame is to create and maintain a perpetual source and location dedicated to accessibly recognize and honor members and friends of the GLBT community who have made outstanding and positive impact. Not only and necessarily in the GLBT community but in the world community of all. Our goal is to represent all areas of community, local and international, in the areas of activism, community, philanthropy, equality, and community support through art, music, education, leadership, theatre, science, sports, and literature.

The GLBT Hall Of Fame Broadcast Center opened on February 20, 2012. In the future, the Broadcast Center will house and broadcast all GLBT Hall Of Fame programs and resident artist programs featured.

Our first induction of members to the Hall was December 22, 2004.

Nominations are open for the Class of 2014.

Photo via Rev. David Weekley, Sherman’s Wilderness