Republican Chokes Up Speaking Her Heart And Mind On LGBT Marriages

by bol_admin

Rep. Maureen Walsh (R-WA):

“I have allowed my heart and my mind to guide me in decisions that I have made on a lot of different issues that have been before us in the legislature … I was married for twenty-three years to the love of my life and he died six years ago. And I think of all the wonderful years we had and the wonderful fringe benefit of having three beautiful children. I don’t miss the sex … it is certainly not the aspect of that relationship, that incredible bond that I had with that human being that I really, really genuinely wish I still had…

“My daughter came out of the closet a couple of years ago. And you know what, I thought I was just going to agonize about that. But you know what? Nothings different. She’s still a fabulous human being and she’s met a person that she loves very much and someday by God I want to throw a wedding for that kid. And I hope that’s exactly what I can do. I hope she will not feel like a second class citizen involved in something called a domestic partnership.”

Watch Rep. Maureen Walsh’s Passionate Floor Speech:

Image Flickr The Christian Alliance