Reclaiming Our Christian Faith

by Alison Amyx

Last week, our hearts were broken for an eight year old Virginia girl who was shamed and excluded by her Christian school because she does not dress and act enough “like a girl.” The same day, World Vision announced they would hire individuals in same-sex marriages—a decision they reversed after merely two days with an apology describing their inlusion

While they may break our hearts, these news stories are not surprising.

The coverage of World Vision’s decision in prominent Christian publications assumes that all Christians oppose same-sex marriage. They accept without question World Visions


Meanwhile, LGBT people

World Vision’s policy reversal makes it clear that they plan to discriminate. Not only are they unashamed to leave gay people out of work, but they’re proud to call this discimination an extension of their “biblical standards.”

Just like the children World Vision serves—gays and lesbians became pawns in our political debates.

Make no mistake—these decisions are not about the Bible. They’re not about marriage, and they certainly aren’t about the children World Vision serves. World Vision’s policy reversal is about politics, and they join a long line of people and organizations willing to put politics over …… The organization took a stand to include and support children of God (LGBT people can claim that inheritance, too), and they changed their minds when the

Looking no further than the coverage of these two stories, it is clear many still assume that all Christians oppose LGBTQ equality and inclusion. Many of the blogs featured in this newsletter react to these stories as well as the death of Fred Phelps, founder of the Westboro Baptist Church.

In the midst of division and heartbreak, our bloggers are asking .  Christian values are largely accepted , our hearts were broken when this decision was reversed, with the organization announcing they “made a mistake.”