Queering Advent: Reflections On Hope

by Alison Amyx

During the season of Advent, when Christians around the world prepare for the coming of Christ, our families and communities come together to reflect on our spirituality and our beliefs. This year at Believe Out Loud, we’re queering the season of Advent, considering traditional Advent themes as we reflect on our work ahead toward justice for all LGBTQI people.

Our Advent reflections will follow four weekly themes: Hope, Courage, Joy, and Love. Each week, our bloggers and Believe Out Loud staff will reflect the weekly theme and explore how it intersects with their faith, their experiences, and their hopes for the work ahead.

In our first week, we have answered the call to Hope.

The challenge of hope this year is to search expectantly for the good news of Christ’s coming in a political season of divisiveness, fear, and uncertainty.

And yet, as Christians—and particularly as LGBTQI Christians—we are called to “hope abundant.” We place our faith in God’s promise to be with us, and we remember that, no matter what, we are worthy of God’s love.

Take a look at how our bloggers reflected on the theme of Hope this week, then join us next week as we reflect on the theme of Courage.

Reflections on Hope

“So what am I counting on? People. The amazing community of activists that I know, as well as the many that I have yet to meet. I count on them, and I place my hope—in us. I know that we cannot move forward if we self-isolate in silos of fear.” – Lynn Young
My Hope Is In Us

“The Church has tried to bury the stories of queer folks. The Church has tried to write us out of the memory of Christ’s gathered body. But! We are seeds that are becoming. We are grand icons to speak toward a growing liberation of our people.” – Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza
Divine Doubt; Hope Abundant

“Beloved, when the church and the world try to erase or demean you because you are queer, because you transgress their norms, because you upset the status quo, remember Mary Magdalene. Trust that resurrection is given directly to you.” – Rev. Angela Yarber
Queering Mary Magdalene

Image created by Believe Out Loud using photos by flickr user Joe O’Meara

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Please stop using the word
Please stop using the word “Queer” towards the LGBT,etc. community. It encourages self hate in our community and perpetuates non-equality. Words are important.

Summer Knuday

As I enter the holiday season
As I enter the holiday season this year, in celebration of the coming of Christ, I find myself out and about in the crowds and traffic and long check out lines in dept. stores
knowing Jesus is with me. I know this because unlike the others who
are sweating small stuff like who’s trying to make a lane change in front of them and getting upset about it, Im kindly waving them safely over in front of me, while thinking ” there’s room for eveyone.”
What does this have to do with being queer? Alot! Because when I set out to do something about being transgender, my focus was on representing to the world the true spirit of who Im am, rather than continue in the misery of gender dysphoria legalistically complying with gender norms.
God, more than anything else requires honesty in our inward most being. Whether it be the rush, and bustle of the holidays, or just daily life, or transitioning genders, the focus is the same. Represent the true spirit of who you are to the world. For us christians of course the true spirit of who we are is Christ in us. Gay, bi, cis, trans, etc. Theres room for everyone.

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