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W. Lotus

I’m usually hyper-aware of
I’m usually hyper-aware of how my Christian upbringing crippled my development as a person. This is a beautiful reminder of one of the ways in which my Christian upbringing made me a more loving person and partner. Thank you for this; I am going to meditate on it!

November Gold

That was so moving and
That was so moving and inspiring and beautiful and breathtaking!!! I LOVED IT!

Jennifer Vance

I had a very similar
I had a very similar experience a few weeks ago. I made the 3 hour drive to spend the weekend with my partner, walked into her house and was just sort of awe-struck as I watched her finish our dinner preparations. Our dogs were playing, and I just was suddenly so overwhelmed with love and gratitude for this beautiful woman that I know God brought into my life. It dawned on me then that we are 2 souls….not just 2 women. And that is SO much deeper than flesh and blood. Our souls live in a body that is assigned a gender, but I truly believe that at our essence, we are genderless souls. And I think that is what we both experienced as we watched our partners….the incredible deep and holy connection of 2 souls that are bound together with the chords of Godly love.


It’s so easy for people to
It’s so easy for people to think about sex when thinking about same-sex relationships and just stop there. This is such a beautiful illustration of how much deeper and richer all relationships are. It’s not just about sex, it’s about love and commitment.

Michelle McConnell

this is how you change the
this is how you change the world. keep talking. absolutely beautiful. well done, good & faithful …

Barb Cage

Great article. All the best
Great article. All the best from your friends in SoBo, VA


No mater your sexual
No mater your sexual orientation Jennifer, one thing is certain: you make the most unbelievable Christian worship ever! God gave you a unique path in life. Rock on for Christ girl!

Jacqueline Shepard

Jennifer, I have followed you
Jennifer, I have followed you and loved you for years! You have such an amazing story to tell. Please write a book!!

Berta Garrity

Profound, beautiful, and amen
Profound, beautiful, and amen.


So beautifully put. I have
So beautifully put. I have noticed that I fall for the soul of a person long before it becomes about physical attraction. It’s a love so much deeper, and a love often brought together because of like faith.

Lydia Godfrey

Wow, what a beautiful story.
Wow, what a beautiful story. This story gives me hope that Love is out there for me, even though I’m so involved in my local church. It also tells me not to be ashamed of who I am. I am longing to Love a woman the way a woman should be Loved and the way God wanted us to Love.
God didn’t say, have Sex with everyone, but Love everyone and that is what people don’t think about when they look at same sex couples.
Jennifer you are truly an inspiration.


Lydia, same-sex friendships
Lydia, same-sex friendships are of course a good thing. They are something wonderful. But attempting union with what you already are as a gendered being simply regularizes the misperception on your part that you are not fully female. If you introduce sex into the equation then you dishonor yourself by acting as if you are a half female. Do not be deceived. As NT scholar Robert Gagnon writes, “Every text in Scripture that has anything to do with sex presupposes the validity of a male-female prerequisite.”


Lydia, didn’t Jesus call us
Lydia, didn’t Jesus call us to both love and obedience to his commands (“If you love me, you will obey what I command” Jn 14:15)? Sexual purity (including a clear repudiation of homosexuality) was clearly one of those commands!

Suzie Carr

So beautiful. So many people
So beautiful. So many people need to read this. Thanks for sharing this.

Robynne Sapp

Beautiful post, Jennifer!
Beautiful post, Jennifer! Thank you so much for posting!!

Marian Beddill

My faith group also strongly
My faith group also strongly supports Love:

(We abbreviate the name as “Sizzle”.)


I do not doubt that Jennifer
I do not doubt that Jennifer is in love, but I wish she had the discernment and wisdom to realize that love can be misguided. Some feelings and desires. if acted upon, are paths to our destruction. If “all relationships are sacred,” then she must celebrate incestuous and polygamous relationships. How about it Jennifer? (cue LBGT attack squad!)


i wonder sir, why you are
i wonder sir, why you are commenting on a post about love. Christian love and relational love with sarcasm and ill will? why would you come on a website to blatantly disagree with the content of gay Christians. surely you know that this site is dedicated to erasing your misguided judgement about who we love. you took her post out of context and made it into a mockery when you tried to compare incest -often involves a victim (molestation, rape, abuse etc) and polygamous relationships to the love between two adult non related individuals to suit your bigotry. I hope that you find some better way to fill your time than bashing the LGBTQ community.


ddevy, it should be obvious
ddevy, it should be obvious why I choose to engage this issue on this forum. First, marriage and sexuality are important issues for everyone; that is why this site exists. Second, most of the people on here are accepting and promoting homosexuality and, in my opinion, not thinking very clearly or theologically about it. Finally, I am offended by those who claim to follow Jesus and biblical teachings while promoting homosexuality. Contrary to your comments, it is not ill will but an act of love to warn those people about being excluded from the kingdom of God (1 Cor 6:9-11). I know that you disagree with my (and historic Christianity’s) reading of that verse, but given what is at stake, that is a discussion worth having is it not?
And I did not take Jennifer’s comments out of context. I simply called attention to the absurdity of claiming that all relationships are sacred (What about consensual, adult incest? And why limit marital relationships to two people?). That is called making an argument. If you are offended by this discussion, then perhaps your beliefs are not strong enough for you to be visiting public discussion forums.


Andy–Your commentary is
Andy–Your commentary is skewed in so many ways. Clearly, you believe that “clear theology” needs to be strictly Biblical, and–probably–based on your translation of the Bible. My theology emerges from a long line (back at least as far as the Separatist movement centuries ago) which understands that through the workings of the Holy Spirit, there is always “more light ready to break forth” to illuminate the truth of God. The HS can reveal truth in ways undreamed of by the “historical Church,” but it is nonetheless God’s truth. Moreover, much of the text in which the Bible appears to condemn homosexuality is really speaking of certain practices of the 1st Century that would be condemned by gay Christians of today, namely temple prostitution (idolatry) and Greek homosexual practices that were exploitive and demaning in so many ways. In claiming to support Biblical precedents, one needs to ask, Do I want children stoned for being disobedient? If you hold the “The Bible says it; that’s it” way of thinking, don’t you need to buy all of it?


she obviously meant loving relationships. an incestuous relationship is a selfish twisted one in which a family member, usually younger is abused. a polygamous relationship is also based on selfishness, usually on the part of a male wanting two partners. i think we BOTH know the kind of relationships she was referring to.


Patricia, what about adult,
Patricia, what about adult, consensual incest? And would you oppose heterosexual or homosexual relationships that were based on selfishness? That is an unusual standard for acceptance… What you are missing is that Jennifer’s stated standard for “loving” relationships opens the door to many forms that you and others find objectionable. I think this is a problem.


Andy, what is wisdom without
Andy, what is wisdom without love? There are no words that any man can utter that will separate us from the love of our King, Christ Jesus. Several years ago, I was in attendance when Jennifer performed at my Nazarene University, there is no denying that the spirit of God filled the room as she led us in worship. God knew her secrets, as he knows yours, as he knew mine. He shows up where he is worshipped by those who love him and accept him. It may be beyond your capability to understand Christ’s heart for his homosexual children, but praise be to our King, that He is not like man. Jennifer was picked for such a time as this! She has found her purpose and calling, I pray that you find yours. His light is meant to shine not to burn.


Monique, part of the purpose
Monique, part of the purpose and calling of Christians is to follow Jesus’ teachings. What he and the rest of the Bible say about sexual purity is no exception. It is entirely within our capability to understand what God intends for us to understand; indeed it is important enough that to do otherwise is to risk missing out on His kingdom (1 Cor 6:9-11). I pray that you might appreciate what is at stake.

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