Many Voices: Celebrating the Soul of Justice

by Rev . Cedric A. Harmon

If you’re in DC—or coming into town for the Congressional Black Caucus or National Black Justice Coalition convenings—don’t miss Celebrating the Soul of Justice on September 17.

Remember how worship and singing fueled the civil rights movement and encouraged Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and our community to move forward with resolve?

So must we bring worship and singing into our Black church movement for gay and transgender justice.

At Celebrating the Soul of Justice, you’ll see how the justice-seeking that we are nurturing is intrinsic to Black religion, you’ll likely experience healing, and you’ll see clearly that LGBT justice-seeking is not just issue work, it’s godly work.

The featured speaker for this event will be the Reverend Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas. Dr. Douglas is the Elizabeth Conolly Todd Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Goucher College and a leading voice and pioneering figure in the development of a womanist theology. Essence magazine counts Douglas “among this country’s most distinguished religious thinkers, teachers, ministers, and counselors.”

In addition to numerous articles, Dr. Douglas’ published books include Sexuality and the Sacred: Sources for Theological ReflectionTestifying to the Blues: Sexuality and the Black Church, and Sexuality and the Black Church: A Womanist Perspective.

Guest Choirs include the choir from Covenant Baptist United Church of Christ and the All Souls Jubilee Singers. For full information, please click here.

Come, be inspired in a Celebration of the Soul of Justice.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Graphic provided by Many Voices