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Ogun Holder

I wrote almost word for word
I wrote almost word for word the same thing in a chapter of my book RANTS TO REVELATIONS. I too am in an interracial marriage. My wife grew up in southern rural Virginia and much of her family did not attend the wedding. After 14 years and one beautiful daughter their hearts have done a whole lot of changing. I also blogged about this issue today. I’m from the Caribbean where there is still much homophobia and the LGBT movement is not as developed. I would be honored if you read my post at


It is really odd that one
It is really odd that one would equate an interracial marriage between a man and a woman with gay marriage. Jesus clearly defines marriage as being between a man and a woman for life. Study His teaching on marriage and divorce in Matthew 19 and one will see this clearly. Nature supports the facts that different colors mix and can still procreate but it does not support the same sexes procreating. Therefore, I have to conclude this writer has missed the mark both spiritually and naturally. I will conclude God loves all people but He hates sin. True Christ followers must do the same. I’m going with Christ on this one. I love the LGBT community but hate the sin of their lifestyles and the destruction it’s causing our culture… along with the sin of the straight community. May God help our thinking.


No, Jesus clearly defines
No, Jesus clearly defines HOLY MATRIMONY as between a man and a woman. Marriage is a legal/social institution designed to grant certain legal rights to couples who intend to spend their lives together; further, this whole business of marriage for “procreation only” would therefore exclude older people (like myself) from marrying again (like myself) after losing a spouse (like myself). I love you, Darwin, as a human being, a sentient creature of God, but I hate the culture that has created this kind of interpretation of God’s word, because it just perpetuates hate under the guise of “love the sinner, hate the sin.” May God help ALL of us to think more clearly, using HIS word as it was written, not as we think it should have been written.


hey dude what is a person
hey dude what is a person like you doing on a website like this please tell me cause times have changed and the bible was written by a different culture based on there beliefs not ours god doesn’t tell us what we should believe in he tells us that we should create our own beliefs. Plus there is a thing called the new testament and Jesus who forgave us all our sins

cliff greenberg

It is clearly karmic destiny
It is clearly karmic destiny for me to have brought my children to the march from stonewall to washington square park and then to have visited your sanctuary last week where you were so gracious in accepting my book while i was so in awe of your, well, your very countenance and being. Your message about love, acceptance, tolerance of all is so similar to mine that i can’t think of a better word for my having met you than karma. I espouse no particular organized religion other than my so-called religion of love with a congregation of three — myself and my two children. But, in reality, isn’t that what you hold dear to your heart – and share with your congregation as well? Does it matter whether a person worships God, Jesus, Buddha or no one in partiuclar…. isn’t love, kindness and justice what really matter? I am honored to have met you and look forward to seeing you for the parts of the April 13-16 days that I am able to attend. Most respectullly,

Cliff Greenberg

Pro-traditional Family

So we have Rick pushing the
So we have Rick pushing the radical nonsense about the Body of Christ being into a “culture” of “HATE” just for reproving sin while ministering grace; Wyatt using the old “morality equals time plus culture plus private subjective preferences and pandering to lust” trick while mocking God and more than half of His Word at least, and Cliff with the “Jesus doesn’t CARE if you follow Him or not” one world religion message.

Great… Really prophetic stuff…[ahem.]

Sure I can understand Christians eager to live out their duty to love all and work toward justice, who have taken things a little too far by going beyond support for secular civil rights, which can be seen as meeting the Bible mandate for good citizenship, and actually espousing in-church homosexual “marriages” which are sacrilegious ceremonies even if done with the loftiest of intentions.

But the comments and the article itself are way off base. We’ve heard the whole “Gay is the new Black” line before… not buying it! A man and woman of any color (given functioning anatomy) can consummate the marriage with natural marital relations. (It’s true even if they are older, it’s not just about procreation! So the whole we let infertile/older people wed doesn’t wash.)

Still, religious faith and civil marriage are not the same and we must be circumspect at all times to avoid behaving in a way inconsistent with grace and a sober yet sensitive presentation of God’s message.

One reason this slander against parts of the Church get to me is that if you look at actual “anti-gay haters”, at least in America, (the people who do gay-bashing attacks which sometimes kill, call people names like f*g/ f*g**t/ d**e, cause trouble at pride marches and so on) police documents show most perpetrators are emotionally immature young white males 15-25, frequently in groups or gangs intoxicated with booze and/or drugs. Of the rest a sizeable chunk being neo-Nazi/skinhead bigots who’ll find any excuse to hate then black-on-black and within the Hispanic community. Pro family Christians aren’t the ones “gay-bashing” 98% of the time- and yet liberals in the media want to say we’re so hateful that we are RESPONSIBLE when some poor kid going through a confusing adolescence kills him or herself! Now THAT is extremism!

They hate and hurt homosexuals not because Christians taught them to but because of their own insecurities and the invariable cowardice of the bully, seeking out gay people to pick on because they’re stereotyped as meek sensitive types. The worst part is macho-ness/daring rather than emotionally and spiritually whole masculinity which boys and men should be working towards. Instead of focusing on Fred Phelps all the time- who some liberals are all too happy to compare ANY Christian to if they’re not pro-gay enough for their liking (shamefully)- the media should be showing these anti-gay criminals and nuisances and their lives, based more around youthful rebellion and immorality than any verse in any Bible on God’s green Earth…

In the past 5 years or so we’ve had fairly regular news stories on the issue of anti-gay hate in pro sports and hip-hop music. Now what does that tell you? Extraordinarily fortunate young men in the generation which is theologically most liberal, on homosexuality and most other questions, who with a few exceptions like Tebow live a worldly life: materialism, wild parties, drunken sex, “groupies” and all. And yet they are two bastions of anti-gay feelings. I believe it’s evidence enough that the problem is the way our secularised society expects young men to “perform” their gender, which in many cases coming to Christ will help with

There are many evil influences in the world and the flesh is always looking to be satisfied: hence God enjoins us to make no provision for its lusts & put on the full armour of faith to avoid falling into sin.

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