“If I Could Straighten Out!”: That’s What He Told Me

by Johnie J. Guerra

My name is Johnie Guerra. I’m straight and happily married with four wonderful boys. I’m the grandson of two pastors and my parents did their best to raise me with a Bible-based upbringing.

Recently, I’ve started attending a church with an inclusive ministry for LGBT people, volunteering at a youth group for LGBT kids, and started posting spiritual messages of Christian equality for LGBT people.

I’d like to share one of my inspirations for my current efforts, my friend Julian.

I met him ten years ago and we quickly became great friends—more than friends, like brothers. Our families have become one big family. His mother is like an aunt to me and my children think of him as an uncle.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed seeing how wonderful he treats people. He loves to laugh and always opens his home to everyone.

Today, we’re two happy guys who’ve packed on a few pounds but years ago, before our paths crossed, there was a time he wasn’t so happy.

I’ve heard his “coming out” story and it breaks my heart that words like depression, suicide, and exclusion were in his story. “It would be easier on everyone, including me if I could straighten out!” is what he told me.

I know God put me in his life to let him know He loves everyone. From now on, I will stand up for him and be a voice that uses words like love, inclusion, and acceptance. He never has to feel he has to “straighten out” anymore.

All Christians have to make a decision. But, before they do, I hope they think about it.

To judge and call LGBT people sinners is to act as the religious leaders of Jesus’ day.

It’s parallel to those who used the Bible to support segregation, prejudice, and slavery. But when the doors of churches open to all those who seek the kingdom of Heaven, that is the fulfillment of the Bible’s universal theme of love. It is impossible for God to exclude LGBT people from Heaven when He’s allowed them to make the world, especially mine, so wonderful.

So to my friend Julian and all who have been judged unjustly, God loves you and so do I. Just as you are.

Photo via flickr user Senthil Prabu.S.

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Victoria Thompson

This is so beautiful. If
This is so beautiful. If there were more Christians like you, the world would be a much better and peaceful place. I take my hat off to you. Because, you didn’t judge him for who he loved. I love everyone no matter who they are, or, who they happen to love. Honor Thy neighbor as thy self, and always honor God. You are the inspiration for all LGBT communities. Thank you!!

Johnie Guerra

Thank you, for your kind
Thank you, for your kind words. I hope my close friendship with Julian gives the LGBTQ community hope. I also pray more Straight Christians who believe as we do will make their voices heard.


Wonderful! I am a Christian,
Wonderful! I am a Christian, was raised on Christian values but I support him 100%! He and Michael are great guys and I love them for who they are. Rock on Julian!


Thank you so much for
Thank you so much for reaching out to Julian and the LGBT community in general. If you have not attended a Gay Christian Network conference, you should. It was the most amazing weekend I have ever experienced. Here is the conference website: Next year’s conference will be in Portland, OR.

Sally Jo

Hi, This is a sad but
Hi, This is a sad but wonderful story, Julian is my husbands cousin(mine by marriage). I love him like true family. I am Christian, was raised Christian and I support Julian in who he is. He is one of the most loving and supportive people I know. To read this story and to think he ever felt that way saddens me but I am glad God brought you into his life. For Julian I say,”Be who you are, God makes wonderfully amazing people and you are one of them. Don’t let other peoples judgment and ignorance define who you should be. So Rock on and enjoy your life! Love ya

Andrew James Campey

I am really liking the look
I am really liking the look of what you doing here… I am an areligious soul with a deep spiritual centre and you people look like you have your heads screwed on right. Straight and proud that humanity has such wonderful diversity… not in need of an Evangelist but very happy you exist…

Brigitte Yoesting Naslund

Johnie, thank you for your
Johnie, thank you for your beautiful blog and outlook. You are a shining star and by starting conversations and writing blogs you are opening minds and changing hearts. For that I am eternally grateful. The tides are turning and people of faith are lovingly embracing their LGBT brothers and sisters more each day. You do good work Johnie. Thank you for being you.

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