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How to Select a Bible – Series Trailer!

by Jude Wetherell

If you’re looking to read the Bible for the first time, but you’re not sure where to start, Believe Out Loud is here to help. In the trailer for our How to Select a Bible video series, the Believe Out Loud team introduces our philosophy that reading the Bible can be a positive, affirming experience for everybody. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified about future videos in the series!


– Hosts: Jude Wetherell, Rachel McCave, Liana Nierenberg
– Edited by Victoria Anderson
– Written by Jude Wetherell
– Music: In Your Orbit by tubebackr
– Images courtesy: Believe Out Loud/Intersections International, New Alternatives, Elvert Barnes [1,2]
– Footage courtesy: Believe Out Loud/Intersections International, Pexels, M&KWatch, Brandmelovely


Jude: Have you ever wanted to read the Bible, but weren’t sure where to start? Believe Out Loud is here to help.

[Believe Out Loud Bible Study graphic]

Jude: Believe Out Loud is an international community for LGBTQIA people of faith, and people of all identities seeking pathways to inclusion and acceptance.

Rachel: We believe it’s possible for everyone to have a transformative experience of sacred scripture. We embody that belief in humanitarian response and grantmaking in support of LGBTQIA groups around the world.

Liana: We also produce affirming resources for use in houses of worship and at home. You can check out our online services here on YouTube!

Jude: Now we’re launching a digital Bible study program where we’ll read scripture through a lens of justice, equality, diversity and inclusion.

Jude : But we know the Bible can be a challenging book. Maybe that language has been used to hurt you, or other people you love.

Liana: Maybe you’re just looking for a different perspective on your faith.

Rachel: We invite you to join us. In this video series, we’ll talk about how to read the Bible on your own terms.

Jude: We’ll start with the most basic question: which Bible should I read?

Liana: In part two of this video, we’ll talk about the vast number of Bibles available to you, and what makes them different. So be sure like and subscribe!

Rachel: And share your thoughts with us. We’d love to hear about your journey into sacred text in the comments.

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