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It was this very type of
It was this very type of conservatism that drove me from the Adventist church about 40+ years ago. I still believe in the basic tenants, but when I was told I wasn’t good enough to remain on the books as a member and was “excommunicated”…. well, you can imagine how I felt.

I don’t hold that bitterness anymore, it was a long time ago. But I am not a member of any church either. I do have a close relationship with God though and I hold tightly to His promise, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.”


I’ve seen the sermon you
I’ve seen the sermon you mention, and I’ve seen other sermons like it – from pastors that I had trusted.

And all I could think was – if these ‘men of god’ are so wrong about this – and not just ‘kinda wrong’, not just ‘misguided’, but truly edging over into ‘evilly wrong’ territory, given the soul-destroying (and even up to life-destroying) effect their words have had on real people – then what else are they wrong about?

And I couldn’t take the cognitive dissonance any more. They’ve made up a theology to suit their own prejudices, and called it ‘from god’. And this kind of poison doesn’t stay confined to a single topic. If they can’t be trusted here – I don’t believe they can be trusted anywhere.

Due to the clear hate (anti-lgbt, misogyny, etc.) coming from these people in charge – I am no longer a believer. I turned off the spoon-fed mentality, and turned on my brain. There comes a time when you have to examine your own heart, and decide whether you will let another person control what you put in it, and what you allow to flow from it, and I finally said, enough.

Good luck with changing the church, but – I believe we as humans can learn to love each other without wrapping it in religion.

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Great article.
Great article.

Carrol Grady

I realize how difficult it is
I realize how difficult it is for people who have been raised to believe a certain way to change. I think it usually only happens when they realize a dear friend or family member is lgbti and they know that God loves them.

Daneen A. Akers

Thanks for your feedback! Yes
Thanks for your feedback! Yes, it’s completely understandable why so many people just leave. I think about that sometimes too. At the moment, I feel called to help make a difference inside this group and faith that I was born into and know so well. I do see so much change, but there is obviously a lot more work to do. And having a close friend or family member does indeed make all the difference!


please come back to church…
please come back to church….the Church….is experiencing the Chastisement….lean in and stay put… not let the D…drive you away…..Keep your Faith…come to the Church…your community…note the unity in there….needs the light you carry….!!!!


Concerned SDS

The Bible means what it says
The Bible means what it says and says what it means no matter how anyone wishes to change its clear statement that gay intimacy is an abomination. Nothing can change that.

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