Happy Pride!

by Joseph Ward

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From the Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn DOMA’s Section 3 to the closure of Exodus International, our community has a lot to celebrate this year at Pride!

Believe Out Loud will once again join the Collegiate Churches of New York as we march together in NYC’s Pride March. Click here to see the full schedule.

As we reflect this year on what makes us proud, we also look ahead to see how our movement will take shape beyond our recent victories.

In the United Methodist Church, Mary Ann Kaiser is struggling to pursue her call to ministry because she identifies as a lesbian. She lifts up the voices of women like Anna Oliver, who petitioned for her own ordination as a woman in 1880: “I am sorry to trouble our dear mother Church with any perplexing questions, but…I have no alternative.”

Jane Brazell, an ex-gay survivor, questions the direction of Alan Chambers’ ministry in the wake of the closure of Exodus International: “I want to hear that he sees LGBTQ people as holy….I do not hear that; Alan Chambers’ ministry does not affirm me.”

In a new video, Southerners On New Ground (SONG) challenge us to “marry the movement” and affirm our commitment to a breadth of intersectional issues. In response, our facebook fans are sharing their priorities beyond marriage equality, including employment and housing non-discrimination, protections for the transgender community, adoption rights, and national anti-bullying measures.

As we work together to pursue LGBT equality, we’ll continue to partner with LGBT Christians and allies as we stand witness to the love of God for all. 

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Photo via Believe Out Loud