LGBT Parents & Allies

Give OUT Day: LGBTQ People Are Precious, Miraculous & Celebrated

by Julie Wood

I am Julie Wood, the mother of a gay son, an LGBTQ ally, and a proud member of Believe Out Loud.

The essence of my son was gentle, kind, supportive, funny, and wise.

He was taught that to love God is to love all people. We told him that he was a beautiful creation of God and that he was cherished.

My heart ached, my stomach was sickened, and I was bewildered when my son was told he was going to hell and that he was no representation of Christ because he was gay.

How could believers miss the mark so terribly? Why did Christianity’s core principle of love not apply to my son?

What anguish he felt.

I lost my son to suicide five years after this incident. About a year before his death, he explained to me (referring to our community), “They will never accept me.”

He lost trust in people and hope left him. No words or promises from me could ever really change what he felt to be true.

I give to Believe Out Loud because they give me hope. They plant seeds, educate, and advocate across denominations.

Believe Out Loud tells LGBTQ people that they are precious, miraculous, and celebrated.

Their message challenges those who condemn LGBTQ people to reconsider.

Will you join me and make a Give OUT Day donation to Believe Out Loud?

So many people need the message of Believe Out Loud—a message of kindness, respect, and love. This is why I support this program, and I am asking you to contribute generously as well.

Photo via flickr user Makena Zayle Gadient