Getting to Know You

by Jonathon McClellan

For many of us, Lent is about moving forward spiritually. We desire growth both in our relationship with God and in our own personal development. But achieving these goals may be easier than you realize because the closer you get with God, the more it becomes an inevitability that you will grow. As you do this, the distance between you and your old self increases by greater and greater distances. The question remains then, “How does one get closer to God?” While no two people have the same relationship with God, in essence, we must all give that most precious resource to our Creator: time.

In any relationship, the more you invest in it, the greater your return will be. How could you get to know someone without ever having had a conversation with them? The same applies to a relationship with the Divine. This must not be merely a religious practice of ceremony or the reciting of someone else’s words. If this is your relationship, then you are, in many ways, creating your own “normal.” What works for your best friend is great, but you cannot live through your friend’s relationship. And though your pastor can pray for you, God wants to hear from you. We’ve all been taught how to be religious, however, there comes a point in our lives when we need to be able to feel as though God is right there with us – and that is what we call a relationship.

Sometimes, we don’t know what to say or it’s just that we are too afraid to speak for fear of how it might sound. Remember, God already knows what is in your heart. There is nothing hidden from God. Therefore, the only risk that remains is that we loose time. God is not expecting you to be perfect; nor does God desire you to carry the weight of your burdens alone. We have a God who will supply every need, fill every space of emptiness in our lives – and who loves us more than anyone can or ever will. The secret to having intimacy with God is learning how to be vulnerable, for no one could get close to the person you pretended to be.


Loving Spirit,

There is so much peace, so much joy, and so much love when I seek You. Amen

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