For All the (Gay) Saints Men’s Retreat

by Rev . Chris Glaser

I am excited to be joining with Roman Catholic filmmaker and activist Brendan Fay to lead a new version of a 30 year “institution” founded by author and priest John McNeill.

“For All The Saints” is an ecumenical opportunity for gay and bisexual men to reflect on their faith and build community “on the mountain” of Kirkridge Retreat and Study Center in the Poconos of Pennsylvania, Thursday dinner Oct. 3 through Sunday lunch, Oct. 6. 

In addition to many traditional popular features, such as lively presentations and small group sharing of stories, evening parties and a talent show, tasty meals and hiking trails, a Pilgrimage of Gay Saints will be led to adjacent Columcille (“America’s Stonehenge”) and Fay’s documentaries on ousted Jesuit John McNeill and Franciscan Mychal Judge (the first fatality of 9/11) will be shown, along with a film on prolific spiritual author Henri Nouwen that shows his fun side, Angels Over the Net.

Both Fay and I will share personal stories of our contemporary gay male saints, including John Boswell, Malcolm Boyd, Mychal Judge, John McNeill, Henri Nouwen, Troy Perry, Mel White, and others, as well as remember gay saints from church history, such as Serge and Bacchus and Aelred of Rivaulx.

“How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!” The Psalmist could be talking about this friendly and encouraging annual ingathering of gay and bisexual saints!  

Head to the Kirkridge website to register. Come and gain inspiration for your spirit!

Photo via flickr MTSOfan

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