Face to Face with Evil

by Jonathon McClellan

This is the story of a young boy’s dream. He came face to face with what some would call darkness, others The Beast, and few who see themselves. Some things, however, you cannot judge by appearances. In this dream the boy was flying over a forest when he suddenly came across a certain figure amongst the trees. At first glance the boy saw what looked like a black werewolf. Upon closer inspection the boy saw bloodlust in the creature’s eyes. Standing on its hind legs with teeth bared and reaching towards the boy as though it could touch him, the eyes of this black wolf held pure darkness. The boy had no fear when he looked in the creature’s eyes, even though it was looking for his death. Instead, the boy reacted in disgust. It was as if he was smelling decaying flesh for the first time, but unbearably worse.

The boy rejected the creature and said aloud, “Jesus devour it.” A couple of moments passed, and the beast completely disappeared from vision. A couple more moments passed, and The Beast reappeared as a crying infant. This dream was only one part of a much deeper conversation. What the boy saw was the mask of suffering. A crying baby was all Jesus left. He devoured the hatred and left the baby. Why? Perhaps the answer is different for each of us. There is, however, a clue. The boy said, “Devour it.”

Indeed, there was nothing left of the werewolf; Jesus devoured it. This means that the crying baby was something different. The darkness was only the mask; thus, it was destroyed. The baby was left behind because it was not darkness; rather, its suffering had created the wolf. God is showing us that hurt people… hurt people. If a man wears a mask and becomes someone else, he is an actor. We are all acting, but not everyone is acting like themselves.



I want to see what You see. Give me vision and the strength to carry the vision. Teach me how to come in and go out or how to walk wisely. Devour my mask and the mask of my neighbor. Heal the suffering and bring peace, joy, love, and laughter. Praise You Lord, the one who reveals secrets. Truth and insight are Your gifts. When I seek You, I find You. Amen.


Jonathon McClellan is an award-winning author who often writes devotionals for Cathedral of Hope. In March of 2022, he will release Messages of Hope for adults and The Ant’s Palace for children, each the first of series empowering adults to keep hoping and encouraging children to look beneath the surface to find true riches. Part of the proceeds is going to help Cathedral of Hope programs for the homeless. Learn more


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