Bishop Marc Andrus Denied Entrance to Installation Mass of Roman Catholic Archbishop

by Sara Snyder

Tensions reached a peak on Thursday after Bishop Marc Andrus, of San Francisco said he was denied entrance to the installation Mass of the new Roman Catholic archbishop, Salvatore Cordileone.

With what seemed to only be a time and scheduling conflict, which Andrus explains in detail in his blog post, read as a rescinded invitation to the ceremony.

“My intention for attending the installation was to honor our ecumenical and interfaith relations in the Bay Area,” said Andrus on his blog.

While the relationship between the bishops remains in question, the main conflict steams from their positions on marriage equality.

“Cordileone is an outspoken opponent of gay marriage, while Andrus helped lead the fight to overturn California’s Proposition 8, which ended same-sex marriages in the state in 2008,” said Kevin Eckstrom of the Washington Post.

Out spoken advocates for LGBTQ rights are passionately protesting the Archbishop’s new installation.

“LGBT activists have said [Cordileone’s] appointment is inappropriate for San Francisco,” reported The Advocate.

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Image via Wikimedia Commons