Believe Out Loud’s 10 Most Popular Blogs Of 2014

by Alison Amyx

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As we bring 2014 to a close, we are proud to present the 10 most popular blogs published at Believe Out Loud during 2014!

From examining the impact of spiritual abuse to proclaiming that discrimination is not a Christian value, this list represents the many conversations that have happened across the LGBTQ Christian move movement as more and more Christians take a stand for LGBTQ equality.

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  1. Shamed: How Spiritual Abuse Contributed To My Son’s Death
    by Julie Wood, Mother and Social Worker
  2. 10 Anti-LGBT Things You Can’t Do While Following Jesus
    by Rev. Mark Sandlin, Editor, The God Article
  3. The Lynchings Haven’t Stopped
    by Annanda Barclay, Board Member, More Light Presbyterians
  4. When ‘Non-Denominational’ Really Means ‘Homophobic’
    by Chris Azzopardi, Editor, Q Syndicate
  5. How I Went From Rejecting My Gay Son To Loving Him Unconditionally
    by Liz Dyer, Blogger, Serendipitydodah
  6. Christianity Made Me Bisexual
    by Laura Berol, Writer
  7. Silent No More: Denouncing “Christian” Voices Of Hate
    by Marie Alford-Harkey, Deputy Director, Religious Institute
  8. A Trans Christian’s Open Letter To The Southern Baptist Convention
    by Vivian Taylor, Executive Director, Integrity USA
  9. At Home In The House Of God
    by Eliel Cruz, President, Intercollegiate Adventist Gay-Straight Alliance Coalition
  10. My Christian College Censored My Alumni Update
    by Kathryn Brightbill, Law Student, University of Florida, Levin College of Law

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Photo via flickr user Antoine Walter