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“And it may be longer still
“And it may be longer still until all my friends in every state can marry any person to whom their heart is called.” And what if our heart calls a married person to marry another married person, breaking up two marriages? Or to marry his/her biological sibling? Or multiple people at the same time? Seems to me like David’s theology of marriage and sexuality needs some serious work!


Shame on you Andy! You’re
Shame on you Andy! You’re totally taking what he’s written out of context when you know what he originally meant and twisting it. Shame on you!


Jake, if you are going to
Jake, if you are going to accuse me of taking something out of context, you need to demonstrate why. I am simply taking something the author said and drawing a reasonable conclusion. This is called making an argument. David writes that people should be able to “marry any person to whom their heart is called.” Is that really the case? I don’t think so, and almost all people agree (see my examples). David will need a stronger basis for same sex “marriage” as this one doesn’t work.


Andy, how about we get
Andy, how about we get serious. You’re not constructing an argument against same-sex marriage here, all you’ve done is hand-pick exactly one sentence from this piece, slippery-slope it to an entirely unrelated context, all the while pretending said sentence encapsulates the entirety of Rev. Weasley’s philosophy/theology of marriage. How silly.

Anyone can argue against incest and infidelity. But nobody here is defending those practices. How about, instead of battling straw men, you take responsibility for what you actually believe about same-sex marriage, and have the courage to name your position and justify it? (Bonus points if you manage to do so in light of what is written above.)


Also: beautiful piece, Rev.
Also: beautiful piece, Rev. Weasley. A very elegant defense of marriage for all who wish it.


Marriage is two people saying
Marriage is two people saying let us beyond all stats and odds let us build a future together that means we are there for each other in times of turmoil, sorrow and the times of great promise, growth and reflect. If two people say let’s make this work then why not the legal obligation to do so? And if ended the same legal protection? Civil liberties should not ever be shirked cause of an imposed morality oh a perfect world that does not exist but yet in a hope of what can exist and a way of dealing with the truth of life.

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