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Thank you for this blog. It
Thank you for this blog. It is particularly helpful to me and I like the light you cast on this.


As a happily, faithfully
As a happily, faithfully married bisexual charismatic evangelical (in the European theological sense, not so much the American political/ideological sense), this article struck a real chord with me.

Thank you.

I have spent so long describing myself as a fence-sitter, a divide-straddler, a mediator. Someone who is very comfortable with ‘both/and’, rather than ‘either/or’ – who can hold on to two apparently conflicting ‘truths’ and be confident that it will all work out in the end.

I hadn’t ever seen this in light of my sexuality before now. How lovely – another piece of the stained glass jigsaw puzzle slotting into place.

Katy J Went

Great post. For me
Great post. For me bisexuality in terms of the capacity to love anyone irrespective of gender, is a fulfilment of human and divine love. Attraction is a very personal thing, but relationships come in all types and as far as I am concerned being equal in Christ means being free to love any person, any gender, any status, any colour… so yes, being bisexual in outlook if not in practice is a spiritual way of getting beyond bodily binaries and limits.

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