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nick s

As much as I highly disagree
As much as I highly disagree with the WBC, homosexuality is still wrong. Homosexuality is clearly a sin, even in the new testament, (Matt 19:1-8, Rom 1:18-32, 1 Cor 6:9-11, Gal 5:19, Ephesians 5:3-7, Col 3:5-7, 1 Tim 1:10, Titus 1:16, Jude 1:4,7,19, and Rev 21:27). Homosexuality is sexual immorality, as well as premarital sex, pornography, etc. All forms of sexual immorality is sin and God’s Word does not promote sin. Sin has corrupted human nature and can manifest itself in different ways. I’m going to be open and honest, I’m a teenage boy and I struggle with pornography. I make a fight daily to lay down my lust and my desires at the foot of the cross and to honor Jesus with my eyes, mind, and body. And there are days that I fail. Yes I’m still a christian and God loves me. He loves me because he willed to save me. He loves me because Christ’s blood covers me and I’m His child. Thats it. If I was not covered by Christ’s blood, I would be considered unrighteousness in the sight of God. I would be at enmity with God (God’s enemy). I would hate God and God would hate me, because I am sinful. But praise be to God, Christ’s blood covers me and I am now at peace with God. But, that does not mean that God says its okay to give myself to pornography and to live in sexual immorality. Slowly, I am being sanctified and becoming more like Christ. I’m trying my best to put off my old self and the flesh to glorify God. Same thing Christians must do with homosexuality. I’m not saying gay people need to “turn” straight. That would be ridiculous to say because thats nearly impossible for most truly gay people. But homosexual Christians need to put off the homosexual lifestyle and stop practicing it. It is sinful and God does not support it nor does he want you living that way. He loves you because you are his child, but that doesn’t mean he wants u to live in sin. A true christian could not continue in an unrepentant life of sin for a continuous amount of time. You would feel conviction from the Holy Spirit. I’m not saying its not going to be a struggle, but to be openly gay and proud of your homosexual lifestyle and say that it is right in God’s eyes? That does not line up with scripture.

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