10 Things Pope Francis Should Know About LGBTQ People

by Alison Amyx

In honor of Pope Francis’ first visit to the United States, we asked our Believe Out Loud community what they want Pope Francis to know about the LGBTQ community.

Check out their answers below, then help us urge Pope Francis to include LGBTQ people and families in the Catholic Church!

10. LGBTQ people are made in the image of God:

9. And many of us are Christians, too!

8. Even though we’ve been hurt by our churches…

7. Many of us would still love to worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

6. We know Jesus would welcome us with open arms.

5. Because excluding us is not a very Christian thing to do.

4. We bring richness and beauty to family life.

3. And our love reflects the love of God.

2. Our requests our simple:

1. Because everyone deserves respect and love!

#BOLAction: Urge Pope Francis To Include LGBTQ People & Families In The Catholic Church!