10 Reasons We’re Proud To Be LGBTQ Christians

by Alison Amyx

10. We are made in the image of God:

9. We are a witness to God’s radical love:

8. God promises us eternal life:

7. Our faith is miraculous:

6. We are called to transform the world:

5. God journeys with us:

4. Our experiences teach us how to love authentically:

3. God has freed us from shame:

2. Embracing ourselves brings inner peace:

1. We are unique creations of God:

#BOLTalk: Why are you proud to be an LGBTQ Christian?

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Alan Chaussee Jr

God loves me for me!
I am proud to be an LGBT Christian, because I know God made me in His perfect image, and made me unique from everyone else. He also said that he loves me and everyone else the same.

Vincent Bernhard

The Catholic church was unable to separate me from the love of God, try as they might. I love my God.

Carl D White

Because Prayer Changes Things That Need Changing
I prayed and prayed for many years as a child and young man, for God to make me straight. And it never worked. It hasn’t ever worked for anyone. Ever. But prayer HAS worked for many other things…like turning evil into good…healing the sick…bringing communities together. So I say this: prayer not turning me straight is proof that God made me as I am. And I am Gay and Christian, and both God and I are happy with that. Prayer only changes things that actually need change! Gays don’t need to change. So celebrate and believe out loud!!


Proud to be gay!
Wow! Thanks special people for these 10 reasons. You so encourage me in a country where not only am I marginalized but homosexuality is made illegal.


He doesn’t care who you are,
He doesn’t care who you are, as long as you do right by Him. I was brought up Christian and I knew very young, I was different and even though I didn’t think it was right to have my parents force me to church or youth group, He still loves me and makes sure that I’m ok in life 🙂

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