10 Reasons Christians Support Transgender Students In South Dakota

by Alison Amyx

Last week, the South Dakota state legislature passed one of the worst anti-trans bills in the country—a bill that singles out trans students by forcing them to use separate restrooms and locker rooms from their friends and peers. These legislators are sending a message that it is okay to ostracize, humiliate, and bully trans students.

Keep reading to find out 10 reasons why Christians are standing up against H.B. 1008!

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10. Standing with transgender people is part of our Christian faith:

9. We believe in trusting our inner truth:

8. Our religion is about love and grace:

7. We respect each other’s differences…

6. …and we believe all God’s children deserve equal rights:

5. Transgender people are our siblings:

4. We want to protect our children:

3. And all people should be treated with humanity:

2. Because Jesus taught us how to love:

1. And we were all created in the image of God!

While some Christians use our faith to harm LGBTQI people—we know it is critical for affirming Christians to raise their voices in response!

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