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Aug 16, 2011

Everyday the first thing I do here at Believe Out Loud is look for LGBT religious related news.  I look for stories to feature on our website or interesting people with whom we ally ourselves.  This morning, I was on The Advocate website, and came across a story about one of my favorite comediennes: Lucille Ball.  Although not work-related, I had to take a minute to see why she was featured in The Advocate.  Turns out she was a supporter of gay rights!

Aug 03, 2011

"Leave the church? To Who?"

That’s what the Rev. Amy DeLong said when I asked her if she ever considered leaving the church.  Her words were emphatic. “Leave the church? To who?”  I knew then that Rev. Amy DeLong had an unparalleled amount of resilience…resilience that was in full display earlier this year when she stood up to a church body that quite literally put her life, love and faith on trial. 

Jul 27, 2011

As a gay Southern Baptist, I have not felt particularly motivated to attend church in the past few years. Homophobia, hypocrisy, and attacks are common in the black Baptist church. Every time you go to church, you never know when a preacher is going to launch in an anti-gay tirade. You are not encouraged to be out. People will look past your sexuality as long as you don't say anything, but the moment you come out, things change. Trust me, they change.

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