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Writing Letters To Repeal HB2

In March 2016, North Carolina lawmakers called a special session to fast track HB2—an extremely harmful law that aggressively targets transgender people, blocks local non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ/SGL people, weakens state-wide policies that offer protection from discrimination based on race, religion, color, national origin, age, “biological sex,” or disability, and denies hourly workers the opportunity to make a living wage.

HB2 intensifies the existing hostility and violence transgender and gender nonconforming people face. It also leaves the elderly, people of color, LBGTQI/SGL people, women, and people with disabilities few legal options when they face discrimination. As if that isn’t enough, HB2 also makes sure poor people stay poor.

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How Can We Respond?

Write Letters About Your LGBTQ-Affirming Faith

As people of faith, it is our responsibility to love one another as God loves—wholly, unconditionally, and mercifully. This includes taking action when lawmakers create unjust laws that make life harder for people (Isaiah 10:1-2 NCV).

Writing to North Carolina lawmakers is one powerful way we can do this!

We’ve gotten positive feedback from legislators after they have received letters from LGBTQI/SGL people of faith and others impacted by this bill. Join us in writing letters to North Carolina lawmakers to show we care and to share our testimony of how HB2 affects us.

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Here's How:

Take some time to consider the story you want to share with your lawmakers in your letter. Here are some prompts to get you started:

Talk about who you are:

Think about how you can convey the depth and breadth or your identity in your introduction. Here are some examples:

  • "As a working-class transgender man and member of Peace Lutheran Church..."
  • "I'm a Queer Latina business owner, and I'm writing to you because..."
  • "As a union member with a transgender sibling, I'm asking you to repeal House Bill 2 because..."

How does HB2 affect you?

  • Does HB2 directly affect you or does it impact someone you know?
  • How does it affect you directly?
  • How does it affect people you know? 
  • Why is repealing HB2 important to you?

Talk about your faith: 

  • Share about your faith values that compel you to affirm LGBTQI/SGL people.
  • How does HB2 affect people in your faith family? 
  • Why is repealing HB2 important to you and your congregation?  

Talk about your family:

  • Share your experiences as the parent, sibling, relative or caretaker of a transgender or LGBQ child.
  • Why is repealing HB2 important to you and your family? 

Write your letter now!

Sample Letters

If you still have questions about how to write your letter—take a look at this sample letter from Writer & Advocate Vivian Taylor

Sample Letters To Repeal HB2







Write your letter now!