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Blog Nov, 09, 2015
Re-examining Our Dusty Lenses

Two weeks ago, a young girl was assaulted by a Student Resource Officer at Spring Valley High School in South Carolina. The internet was ablaze with commentary once the video of the incident went public. Outrage and grief overflowed from Facebook statuses and tweets.

Blog Apr, 05, 2015
Easter Is About Seeing Those At The Margins

For many Christians, Easter is one of their high holy holidays.  It’s their religious bedrock that not only anchors them in their faith, but it also shapes and governs them in their view of the world. 

I’m one of them.

Blog Apr, 04, 2013
Pledge To Raise Your Voice

As pastors and church leaders, we are granted special access to the joys and hurts of God’s people. But much too often we abuse that privilege in God’s name, by promoting God’s love with conditions and wrath with fearful living. We unfairly judge people, make them wrong, and exclude them from being shown hospitality in the nature of what we have been taught is holy.This is not the truth.