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Blog May, 13, 2016
In Defense Of Thomas' Doubt

The Apostle Thomas gets a raw deal.

Really, in mainstream American Christianity, and in the secular popular imagination, he gets reduced to some kind of one-dimensional figure, known only for a moment in which he was proven wrong.

Blog Mar, 14, 2016
Our Eagerness To Cast The First Stone

The liturgical readings for the Fifth Sunday of Lent are: Isaiah 43:16-21; Psalm 126: 1-6; Philippians 3:8-14; and John 8:1-11. You can access the texts of these readings by clicking here.

Blog Feb, 18, 2016
Strength To Be Faithful

The sun is setting a little later in the evening, but it sure is cold out. It must be Lent.

Given that, I think that we, as LGBTQ Christians, need to take some time to examine our theology of loss.

Blog Oct, 07, 2015
Finding Strength As A Lesbian Mother Through The Canaanite Woman

If you want one of the most beautiful and yet humbling experiences a person can go through, become a parent. As a new mom, I’m often in the midst of intense events with my kids where I have no idea what to do. Because of this, I find myself looking to God for guidance.

Blog Aug, 03, 2015
How Long Will The Church Refuse LGBT People?

There is a mighty move of God happening.

It’s been going on for a while but it is growing in momentum! God is sending people to the very doors of God’s sanctuary all over this country.

Blog Nov, 13, 2014
God Is Bigger Than Everything: Reflections On The Reformation Project

Growing up the thing that fascinated me the most about God was his size. My mother would tell me that God is bigger than everything. She would also tell me that God is everything, which I always questioned because wouldn’t that mean God would even be bigger than himself at times?

Blog May, 08, 2013
The Myth Of Biblical Inerrancy

Perhaps it is a bad idea to write about something that one feels needs to begin with a defense, but I’m going to do it anyway.

Blog Mar, 22, 2013
God Of The Whirlwind: Confronting Chaos From The Margins

In seminary, I took a whole class on the Book of Job. It was taught by one of my favorite professors, who happens to be the expert on the subject, and what I remember most from our studies is how Job’s afflictions introduced him to the reality of chaos in the world.