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Blog Nov, 18, 2016
Painting Emily For Transgender Day Of Remembrance

Trigger Warning: description of depression and suicide

Her name was Emily. 

As a pastor, I was always happy to have someone new visit the congregation. 

So I was particularly thrilled when Emily scheduled a meeting with me after visiting worship for the first time. 

Blog Nov, 17, 2016
We Need A Movement For Trans Resilience

This week marks Trans Awareness Week, which culminates with Trans Day of Remembrance. TDOR (Trans Day of Remembrance) is that moment that many of us dread, because it is the ritual where we mindfully mark the passing of our Trans siblings, many of whom are Trans Women of Color who are victims of relentless violence and the hatred of difference.

Blog Nov, 16, 2016
The Lord’s Prayer For Transgender Awareness

This week is Transgender Awareness week, a week when we turn our attention to understanding the experiences and needs of the transgender community. It’s also a week that concludes with the Transgender Day of Remembrance this Sunday, on Nov. 20th.  

Blog Nov, 15, 2016
Transgender Awareness Is Not Enough

I am sick of Transgender Awareness.

November is a month that has become riddled with our religious allies checking off the box for transgender "issues"—often with a special service that turns the death of transgender women of color into a sort of morbid pageant.

Blog Nov, 15, 2013
Our Lives Are Valuable

The following piece was written for a virtual Transgender Day of Remembrance service that will be held online this Sunday, November 17, at 9pm ET, offered by the new coalition TDOR Unite! and hosted by the Church of the Larger Fellowship, a congregation without walls.

Blog Nov, 08, 2013
10 Things Churches Should Know About Transgender Day Of Remembrance

Each year, the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) is observed around November 20. The event, which has continued annually since a 1999 candlelight vigil for Rita Hester, is set aside to remember those lost to anti-transgender violence in the last year.