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Blog Jun, 23, 2016
News Apr, 22, 2015
LGBTQ Faith Leaders Travel To Cuba To Meet Faith & Government Leaders

President Obama and Cuban leader, Raul Castro, made history in April of 2015 with a handshake. On April 28, leaders of Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) will make history by traveling to Cuba at the invitation of leaders of the Baptist LGBTQ group, Abriendo Brechas de Colores, from the Federación de Iglesias Bastistas de Cuba.

Blog Jan, 16, 2015
Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Marriage Equality & Unfinished Business

It was a glorious day! It was the first day my marriage of 37 years to Paula was deemed legal in the state where we make our home—Florida! 

But in the middle of our marriage equality celebration—there was a lesson about race. 

Blog Nov, 25, 2014
Ferguson & The Sin Of Racism

America’s original sin of racism is playing out in Ferguson, Missouri, as buildings lie in smoldering ruins and rage at injustice simmers. How did we get here?

Blog May, 07, 2014
My Roots: Reflections On Metropolitan Community Church's PAD Conference

Whenever I think about my experiences over the years at the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) Conference for People of African Descent, Our Allies and Friends (PAD), I can't help but think of the Tree of Life. Perhaps you've encountered this tree (pictured above) before and ju

Blog Aug, 12, 2013
"Who Am I to Judge?"

Pope Francis asked a stunning question: "Who am I to judge?" This was in response to inquiries about whether or not there are gay priests in the Vatican—the now-renowned "gay lobby."

Blog May, 23, 2013
Prepared For Change: There Have Always Been Gay Boy Scouts

The Boy Scout motto is “Be Prepared.” This week, gay Boy Scouts are prepared for equality. At the same time, they are prepared for discrimination. They know that even if the policy changes to allow gay Boy Scouts, there will still be those who discriminate. There will be those who are frightened by change and by the full range of human expression of love and family.

Blog May, 17, 2013
Celebrate Equality & Work For Justice: International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO)

What a groundswell! Twelve states, our nation's capital and several Native American tribes in the United States now have marriage equality. Minnesota was the most recent. Illinois, Nevada and New Mexico are taking steps to join the ranks.