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Blog Jun, 15, 2015
Remembering Mario Cooper

The email took me by surprise. Sean Strub, the founder of POZ magazine, asked if I would write a few words about our friend Mario Cooper. “What happened to Mario?” I wrote back obliviously. Before Sean had time to respond, I called my friends Maurice Franklin and Phill Wilson and found out for myself. Our mutual friend Mario had passed away.

Blog May, 11, 2015
Supreme Court Marriage Ruling: No Silver Bullet For LGBT Equality

As we await rulings from the Supreme Court on four marriage equality cases, it is no coincidence that so-called "religious freedom restoration" acts are popping up across the country to sanction discrimination by businesses, employers and public officials. Echoes of the civil rights movement serve as an important reminder that marriage is not a fix-all.

Blog Oct, 31, 2014
Groundbreaking LGBT Christian Journal Now Available Online

The year was 1985. I had graduated college the year before, and had just started to come out as a gay man. The son of a Lutheran pastor, church had made up a big part of my world. However, because of the growing awareness of my own sexual orientation, those years growing up were filled with shame, fear, and isolation.

Blog May, 16, 2014
The Family Secrets In My Grandmother’s Bible

My grandmother’s Bible is in remarkable shape, considering it’s spent almost 20 years shuttling between cardboard boxes, garages, and basements, and traveled more than 1,000 miles from Florida to New York.

Its soft leather cover is free of cracks, its maroon handles show no strain, and its zipper opens smoothly. 

News Apr, 02, 2014
NYC Event: LGBT Stations Of The Cross

Last year, acclaimed artist Mary Button created an inspiring series of unique and thought-provoking paintings for Believe Out Loud.

Blog Oct, 01, 2013
Happy LGBT History Month!

October is designated as LGBT History Month. Although it feels like LGBT history is being made every day, it's worth noting that we have only achieved the gains we have today because of the toil and effort of those who came before us.