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Blog May, 12, 2017
A Mother’s Journey To Affirmation

My daughter Kyndra Danyelle Frazier revealed to me that she was lesbian about 12 years ago. On that day, I was hurt but deep down in my soul I always knew that she was struggling with her sexuality.

Blog Dec, 14, 2015
After Years Of Hiding My Bisexuality, Here's How I Finally Found Hope

I’m a strong believer in the value of a journey. Whether it be literal (like a road trip), figurative (like learning a skill), or emotional (like overcoming trauma), a journey gives us a chance to move towards something, prepare for what comes next, and anticipate a new world for ourselves.

Blog May, 04, 2015
What Will Life Be Like For My Interracial, Interfaith, Queer Family?

There’s a scene in the first season of the television show “The Fosters” in which Lena, one of the mothers in a lesbian relationship, helps Jude, her foster son, remove polish from his nails after some kids at school harass him over it.

Blog May, 16, 2014
The Family Secrets In My Grandmother’s Bible

My grandmother’s Bible is in remarkable shape, considering it’s spent almost 20 years shuttling between cardboard boxes, garages, and basements, and traveled more than 1,000 miles from Florida to New York.

Its soft leather cover is free of cracks, its maroon handles show no strain, and its zipper opens smoothly. 

Blog Jan, 31, 2014
A Journey Towards Wholeness And Reconciliation

From January 18th through February 16th, people are reflecting, contemplating, writing and harnessing passion to bring about peace, justice, and reconciliation by mobilizing the tremendous power of love as part of Standing on the Side of Love's 30 Days of Love campaign. 

Blog Dec, 23, 2013
Christmas In The Closet

My brother has been with his girlfriend for 6 months, and she’s spending Christmas with my family this year.  My first thought was, Whoa. What the hell?! It’s not that I don’t like her. I do!

Blog Dec, 10, 2013
Love Makes A Family: Queering The Nativity

In 2009, I created my own gay and lesbian nativity scenes for the Christmas season. One had two Marys at the manger with the baby Jesus, and the other featured two Josephs with the Christ child.

Blog Jul, 08, 2013
Searching God’s Guidance: How Will We Cope With Diversity?

In 2010, the U.S. Census showed that the non-Hispanic white population is growing at the slowest rate; it added that the Hispanic and Asian populations have grown considerably. In addition, we have seen remarkable shifts in public opinion to accept LGBT people over the past decade. 

Blog May, 13, 2013
Road To Emmaus: Building Relationship With My Mother

"Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?"(Luke 24:32)