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Blog Aug, 11, 2014
A Catholic Lesbian Mother's Reaction To The Discriminatory 'Inclusion Act'

Sometimes the personal truly is political.

Today, I read a letter sent by three Catholic bishops to U.S. lawmakers. The letter endorses a bill that would allow publicly funded child welfare agencies to refuse to place children for foster care and adoption with same-sex couples due to "their religious beliefs or moral convictions."

Blog Jul, 07, 2014
Damages: The Effects Of Spiritual Abuse

Trigger Warning: Discussion of suicide and self-harm

There is so much blood on the hands of Christians. From the Crusades to the modern anti-gay laws of Uganda, we are drenched in a legacy of blood. Perhaps it is fitting.

After all, Christianity was born out of blood spilled on the cross.

Blog May, 05, 2014
The Freedom To Say "I Do"

I was delighted when I heard the news that the United Church of Christ (UCC) had brought a landmark lawsuit against the State of North Carolina to hopefully overturn Amendment One.

Blog Mar, 05, 2014
The Adventist Church’s Denial Is Deadly For African LGBTI People

Last week, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni signed into law a bill that imposes 7-year-to-life sentences for same-sex intimacy, 7-year sentences for those who perform same-sex marriages, and 5-7 years in jail for people and NGOs accused of "promoting homosexuality" or seeking support

Blog Feb, 18, 2014
Russia And The Olympics: It's Not A Game!

An Italian advocate for transgender rights and former member of parliament was detained at the Olympics for unfurling a rainbow flag with "Gay is OK" on it.