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Oct 02, 2012

Governor Jerry Brown made U.S. history by signing into California law the first ever ban on LGBT ‘conversion’ therapy. As reported in The Daily News, “effective Jan. 1, mental health practitioners are prohibited from performing sexual orientation change efforts—known as reparative or conversion therapy—for anyone under 18.”

May 10, 2012

Yesterday, President Obama declared his support for marriage equality. In an interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts, President Obama told the country and the world that he has decided to support same sex marriage. What's more, he cited his Christian faith as a motivator in making his decision.

Oct 20, 2011

“I wish I could be happy, I try, I try, I try … I just want to feel special to someone.” –Jamie Hubley

Oct 03, 2011

I've always appreciated Dan Savage's brutal honesty, and to-the-point bluntness. Just look at Rick Santorum. Back in 2003, the former U.S.


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