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Aug 27, 2014

I was baptized a few weeks before my 19th birthday because of the Book of Romans and its assurance that once you come to Christ, your mind is renewed and you are set free from the bondage of sin.

Blogger:Den BarnesMFA Student
Aug 22, 2014

I grew up learning about a God who was a “He.” Sporting a white beard and positively owning that throne in the sky, this was a God who threw lightning bolts when you strayed from the path of righteousness.

When I got to college, I took a necessary break from believing in God.

Blogger:Alison AmyxSenior Editor, Believe Out Loud
Aug 19, 2014

Imagine a congregant who is commited to a straight, traditional marriage, coming to you, the pastor, distressed by finding homoerotic websites on a spouse’s computer.

Or what would you think, or do, if a teenager in the youth group where you are an advisor, comes out, one evening, as bisexual? 

Blogger:Rev. Dr. Janet EdwardsPresbyterian Minister, More Light Presbyterians
Aug 26, 2014

For those faith-based leaders looking to create spaces that are welcoming to transgender individuals and their families, the Williams Institute can provide a wealth of resources.

Blogger:Becky GarrisonAuthor, Writer
Aug 21, 2014

We as human beings are constantly seeking our life story while sometimes comparing ours to others.

This is my story.

Blogger:Ness Cleary
Aug 18, 2014

As a kid, I was a big reader. My favorite books centered around characters who would take off to live alone in the wild, sometimes with a furry friend for company.

Often these characters felt that they were different from everyone else—like they didn’t belong.

Blogger:Austen HartkeQueer Blogger and Theologian
Aug 25, 2014

Dear Pope Francis,

In your time as Pope, your commitment to poverty has awakened the world to the evils of globalization, capitalism, and materialism. Many now understand poverty to be a structural sin and a social evil. Through your public statements you have sparked the interest of Catholics and non-Catholics, believers and atheists.

Blogger:Benjamin BrenkertTheology Student
Aug 20, 2014

In the past few weeks and months, it seems as though the campaign for marriage equality in America has hit its stride.

Blogger:Mashaun D. SimonWriter, Preacher
Aug 15, 2014

In a show of solidarity, LGBT organizations across the country are standing with the family of Michael Brown, the African-American teenager who was fatally shot by police in Ferguson, Missouri.

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