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Blog Oct, 09, 2015
Dragged To Drag: We Lip-Sync For The Lord

Growing up as a gay male in the 60’s and 70’s, with the wider LGBT community just beginning to open the door to the great closet, the culture of our invisible community was hidden from me.

Living and growing in the world as it was, I often felt like I had been kidnapped and forced to live amongst a people that were not my own.

News Jun, 04, 2015
Ireland Agrees to Self-Declaration for Gender Recognition Bill

Yesterday (Wednesday 3rd June), the Tánaiste and Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton, T.D. announced that, following the agreement of Cabinet, the application process under the Gender Recognition Bill will, for people aged 18 years or more, be based on the person's self-declaration by way of a statutory declaration. 

Blog Mar, 11, 2015
Living Non-Binary: Taking A Leap Of Faith

When I first came out to my friends and loved ones as a non-binary trans person, I was forced to take a leap of faith I really wasn’t sure I wanted to take. I didn’t yet have the language to well describe my experience, who I was becoming, or how people could better understand what it meant for me.

Blog Dec, 05, 2014
Trans Day Of Remembrance Is Over: Is Your Church Still Trans Inclusive?

Being visibly trans or gender non-conforming in the world means you have the privilege of dealing with a lot of people’s feelings about your presence more than you care to.

Blog Sep, 05, 2014
Silencing The Metronome: Living My Truth As A Trans Woman

The first words I spoke in the documentary I am making were that I always felt like I was different. In retrospect, those were the wrong words to say. 

Blog Aug, 26, 2014
Researching The Status of Transgender People With The Williams Institute

For those faith-based leaders looking to create spaces that are welcoming to transgender individuals and their families, the Williams Institute can provide a wealth of resources.

Blog Aug, 18, 2014
Sin vs. Shame—How I Learned To Let Myself Be Loved

As a kid, I was a big reader. My favorite books centered around characters who would take off to live alone in the wild, sometimes with a furry friend for company.

Often these characters felt that they were different from everyone else—like they didn’t belong.

Blog Jul, 29, 2014
Becoming Who God Created Me To Be

As I walked across the stage at graduation, it still did not feel like I was done with my education, and as I have transitioned into post-graduate life, I have slowly realized how correct this statement is.

Blog Jul, 11, 2014
Finding My Way Home: My Journey As A Trans* Christian

My greatest problem with being a Trans* person was coming to terms with my faith. I grew up in the Southern Baptist church. My earliest memories were of my church. It was always the center point of my existence.

I didn’t think I was being traumatized by my church while I was growing up.

Blog Jun, 13, 2014
Southern Baptists Underestimate The Love Of God

I grew up Southern Baptist, but I left the church when I entered college because I could not reconcile the unconditional love of God with the narrow and exclusive theology of my childhood denomination.

On Tuesday, this exclusion surfaced once again when the Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution condemning transgender people.