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Blog Mar, 18, 2016
A Religious Utopia Turned Nightmare

The last time an African American lesbian was the protagonist in a novel was in Ann Allen Shockley’s 1982, “Say Jesus and Come to Me.” What shocked and awed readers about this main character is that she is also an itinerant minister.

Blog Jul, 28, 2014
Still, In One Peace

I believe we can be strong, hopeful, and secure, while discovering how to live each moment, confront every struggle, and handle any adversity. In doing this, we are able to find ourselves living Still, In One Peace.

Blog Jun, 25, 2014
Religious Institute Brings Visibility To Bisexuality In Faith Communities

An interesting thing happened to me when I came out as a lesbian. Because I was in a relationship with a man at the time, there were many in the lesbian community where I lived who asserted that I wasn't "really" a lesbian, but rather bisexual.

And they made it clear that that they were NOT okay with bisexuality as an identity.

Blog Jun, 13, 2014
"I Am Loved Right Where I Am": Ensuring Our Children Feel Belonged

I am a certified special education school teacher who has taught various grades and subjects in the states of New York, Georgia, and Washington, D.C. Prior to teaching I was a youth counselor for many years, where I worked with youth diagnosed from moderate to severe intellectual disabilities, behavioral and emotional challenges, autism/Asperger’s syndrome, and even eating disorders.

Blog May, 30, 2014
Multiculturalism Cuts Both Ways

“A People of Many Faces” is one of the more intriguing sections of Pope Francis’s The Joy of the Gospel, having to do with cultural incarnations of Christianity.

Blog May, 16, 2013
Queering The Pulpit: Exploring Gender & Sexuality In Ministry

Each Sunday, clad in a bright red robe, I step into the pulpit. Before I even utter a word, my body preaches on my behalf. My gendered, queer, dancing, disordered body proclaims the Word before I ever open my mouth.

There are Sundays when a congregant might ask me, “Why do you always talk about gay stuff in worship?”