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Blog May, 12, 2014
"Jesus Preaches In The Temple"

It took Douglas Blanchard's painting "Jesus Preaches in the Temple" and Kittredge Cherry’s reflections on his series of 24 paintings of Jesus' life, The Passion of Christ: A Gay Vision, to remind me that scripture says several times

News Apr, 02, 2014
NYC Event: LGBT Stations Of The Cross

Last year, acclaimed artist Mary Button created an inspiring series of unique and thought-provoking paintings for Believe Out Loud.

Blog Feb, 07, 2014
Sochi Olympics: Spiritual Art Supports Russia’s LGBT Rights Struggle

Image Detail: “De Profundis” by Tony O’Connell

Artists are using spiritual imagery to draw attention to LGBT rights in Russia as the Olympics begins in Sochi today.

Blog Jan, 27, 2014
Holocaust Remembrance Day: We All Wear The Triangle

1945: Upon liberation of Nazi concentration camps by Allied forces, some interned for homosexuality are not freed, but required to serve out the full term of their sentences under Paragraph 175.

Blog Dec, 02, 2013
Mary Buttons
Saints Bring Hope On World AIDS Day 25th Anniversary

World AIDS Day, which marks its 25th anniversary this year on Dec. 1, supports everyone affected by HIV. The day is dedicated to prevention and treatment, and honors those who died of AIDS—more than 25 million people worldwide.

First held in 1988, World AIDS Day was the first global health day for any disease.