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Rachel is a student living in North Carolina. She loves to engage in complex conversations and possesses a passion for connecting people and communities to each other. She is currently studying Peace and Conflict Studies and Women and Gender's Studies at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. When she isn't studying or organizing, you can find her playing her sweet blue guitar.


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Mar 08, 2017

You would think that we, those of us belonging to the LGBTQ community of faith would be mourning you and conspiring towards how we can work to protect you and cherish you in our communities. However, the silence around your death, Chyna Gibson, is deafening.

As a black queer cisgender woman, I know that pain of feeling like only other cisgender black queer woman love me and desire to fight for my life. Only we love us like we love us. Many of us know this. 

Not only do we know this, we FEEL it. 

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