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LaSaia Wade is an open Afro Puerto Rican Indigenous Trans Woman, she's the founder of TNTJ Project in Tennessee. She's member of Chicago TGNC Collective, Trans Liberation Collective and Director of Brave Space Alliance.

One of the organizers for the biggest in Midwest history TGNC March for Trans Liberation. She is now the first Trans woman in Illinois History to be honored in Woman History month for the work she's doing. 

LaSaia graduated in 2010 with a BBA in Business Management, as coming out as trans she has 10 plus years in organizing and advocacy work with black, indigenous, trans and gender nonconforming folx around the world. She is the current Director of Brave Space Alliance, business owner of Mystical Bee Hive, while facilitating trainings across the U.S.

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Apr 05, 2017

Trigger warning: discussion of suicide

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s comments about her understanding of what “transness” is set off a firestorm last month. In an interview, she said trans women live in the world with “privileges that the world accords to men” prior to transition. 

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