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Bryce Cook is a founding member of ALL (Arizona LDS LGBT) Friends & Family and a co-director of the annual “ALL Are Alike Unto God” ALL Conference held every April in Mesa, Arizona. He is married to Sara Spencer Cook and together they have six children, two of whom are gay. Since their oldest son came out publicly in 2012, Bryce and Sara have become public allies for LGBT people in and out of the church. Bryce graduated from BYU with a degree in finance and earned an MBA degree from ASU. He is a Director at Navigant Consulting, Inc., an international consulting firm.

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Jan 23, 2017

There is, perhaps, no stronger feeling of love than the love a parent feels for his or her newborn child. As the child grows into their own unique self, inevitably pushing against the protective bounds the parent has set, that love is often put to the test. But there is nothing quite like the unconditional love of a parent, the love that is modeled on the love our Heavenly Parents have for all of us. It is that perfect love that guides us in the right direction and holds our families and communities together.  

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