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James Clementi is the older brother of Tyler Clementi. The loss of his brother was a life altering event for James, and sent him on a path of activism and awareness for bullying, suicide prevention, and LGBT rights. Like his brother Tyler, James is gay. The core part of his message is the equality of LGBT people in our society and the devastating consequences of bullying on our young people. Bullying that happens face-to-face and online through social media has become an epidemic among our youth. James is focused on reaching out to LGBT and vulnerable youth, using Tyler's story as a tool to reinforce the inherent value of each life. Respect, love and equality are the key components of his message. James envisions a youth culture where kindness is cool, and respect is the norm. James has written about his experience for Out Magazine, spoken at events such as the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles' First Annual Voice Awards as well as television programs Anderson Cooper 360 and Rock Center with Brian Williams, and has blogged about bullying in The Huffington Post.

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Sep 05, 2013

I remember sitting in church and hearing the sermons about what it meant to be a Christian—the commandment to love your neighbor as you love yourself—and thinking that this just didn’t apply to me; I was unworthy.

As I came of age I realized that my sexual orientation wasn’t a choice I had made, but the idea that there was something inferior about being gay had already been firmly planted in my mind. I struggled to reconcile the fact that I was something that was wrong, but unlike other sins I could never change this one.

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